Dain had summoned Moira who met him by a stone wall near the cottage.

"Child," she cried when she saw him. "What have you done?"

Dain shook his head, “I can’t tell you Moira, I can’t risk you getting in trouble.”

"And sneaking out here isn’t going to get me in trouble?" she shook her head at him. "Your father and brother are sending the guard to search for you. Why are you outside the castle walls?"

"It’s the girl Moira…"

Moira sighed, “oh my sweet boy…please…not the one from the other side of the river. The one with magic…”

"Yes, she is the same," he explained. "I had to. Her mother made her marry a disgusting creature who was going to.."

"Her mother?" Moira demanded, "Who is she?"

"Her mother is the queen," he admitted. "But you don’t understand…I love her Moira. I have to protect her. We need seeds so she can eat and…"

Moira’s dark eyes flashed across him, “you must return her. Return her and come home, you can lie…Dain you must trust me…..you….you’ve lain with her, haven’t you? I can smell it on you.”

"Yes," he told her. "I love her. Please help us. You can come during the day, no one will see you if you come during sunlight. I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t love her."

Moira sighed again, “oh child…only because I promised your mother I would care for you…what are you going to eat?”

"I don’t know."

She stuck her arm out, “quickly and through the fabric so your brother won’t be able to smell you. I’ll undress before I get to the walls. I will bring your seeds tomorrow, and that is the last time I will come here.”

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